Rombus - modular pavement


Stronger, Faster, Cheaper and Greener Concrete Slab and Pavement Solutions

FR Industries is proud to be supplying Rombus concrete mesh to the Riverina region of NSW

Rombus has been engineered for use in a wide range of applications as a cheaper and more sustainable substitution for even the thickest of concrete slabs.

Australian Made

Rombus Industries is a 100% Australian owned manufacturer 

Environmentally friendly

Reduced amount of cement needed, reducing carbon emissions

Stronger than traditional concrete

When filled with concrete the grid forms a modular pavement hardstand 

Eliminates need for thick concrete

only 4cm thick and handles 10,600t per m2

rombus grid modular concrete
rombus grid diagram
rombus industries
modular concrete grid mesh

Surface stabilisation technology

for us on hardstands, roads, pavements, concrete slabs, yards, farms, mines, golf courses and just about anywhere you need a solid flexible surface

Alternative to ashphalt and concrete stands

100% designed, developed and manufactured in Australia. Innovative and extremely environmentall friendly 

Cheaper and faster to install

Rombus grid is easy to install, no specialised labour or training required. Installs fast, reducing construction schedules, improving deadlines and productivity.

Environmentally friendly

Made from recycled plastic in Australia. Reducing your carbon footprint.

best products. best prices.

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