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The Rombus Grid mesh solution provides solid flexible surface stabilisation.

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nupod concrete void former system

NuPod Slab | Australian Recycled Plastic Void Former System

NuPod is a revolutionary method of creating concrete slabs without the need for traditional polystyrene waffle pod foam void formers or other plastic pod systems. They’re stackable which means they don’t take up much space on the construction site. In fact, 5 pallets hold enough NuPods to create a 200sqm concrete slab!


rombus grid mesh for concrete slabs

Rombus Grid Mesh Solution for ground stabilisation

The Rombus Grid is a recycled co-polymer polypropyleneproduct formed as a modular pavement and solid surface system that’s faster, cheaper, cleaner and greener to use across a wide range of applications.  Designed specifically as a pavement system it’s also extremely effective for ground stabilisation applications.


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